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Quality Window 5.0

Quality window is an accurate tool for measuring manufacturing processes
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Quality Window is a small but accurate reply to all manufacturing supervising needs; finally a program capable of displaying real-time information on any given manufacturing process. This can be seen through a detailed time chart. Whenever a new entry is registered, Quality Window will display a "minute by minute" progress of the task, all the changes made to the log will be registered, and the more entries registered the more data you'll get. This valuable data will help manufacturing supervisors to take real-time on-site decisions.

Quality Window is robust enough to satisfy plant supervisors and BBSS pros alike. One of the best features is that you'll be able to share the reports with an entire company by clicking the Display buttons: you can have a PDF file ready to be sent to your company's VP. Quality Window is available in Standalone and Server versions, with additional support (plug-ins) for Excel and Access, which makes it easier to have data imported from other sources. Busitech is able to provide Training and Consulting services for corporate needs.

Augusto Rivera
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  • Easy install, lightweight program suitable for most factory PC's. If properly instructed on it you can get great information without further formula editing you can get at least 5 different data screens to have a better informed decision


  • The License price is high compared to the program's actual interface, which might seem that you are getting a simple app compared to big programs like MiniTab or Quality Companion. Still a good tool but if you look for a cheap solution you better keep looking
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